About the staff

Owner/Boss Lady


HI! I'm Kris... I was born and raised in Texas but spent a brief moment of my life in Wyoming. I was blessed to meet some amazing lifelong friends but found my way back home to Texas!!! I'm the good lookin' one round these parts...and I bet right about now these artists are wishin' someone other than me had control of this website!

I'm a Jack-of-ALL-trades with degrees in Business Management, Law, Education, Science, Criminal Justice, Art/Design & Certifications in Permanent Makeup & Nails.


Jayson: aka Spaz

Jayson has been tattooing bodies since 2007. He started off in Rock Springs, Wyoming, but has been all over the U.S. &  moved the Rollin' Static shop to Texas in 2011.  I can tell you from 26 years of experience in "Jayson-facial-expressions", he is rolling his eyes right about now and wondering "WHY?" ps...he does shit paperwork...






Justin is not only an Artist at Rollin' Static, he's also our Resident Body Piercer.  He has no imagination though and couldn't even write his own bio so WHY would you ever trust him with something as permanent as a tattoo?? NO RAGRETS!!! (ps....he also makes racist jokes but he has a hot fiancé....)





Josh is our shop Apprentice at RST! But don't let that scare you....what he screws up, Justin fixes for FREE!!!